Defining photography as fine art through a conceptual photography exhibition and competition. BeU exhibition is curated as exceptional fine art photography by artists from around the world and will be a juried competition with a grand prize for the winner. There will also be two special awards that will be announced soon.

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12848 Queensbury LN
Suite 204
Houston TX
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About BeHuman Gallery

12848 Queensbury, Suite 204
Houston, Texas 77024

BeHuman Gallery’s overall mission and goal is aimed to bring an international perspective to Houston’s local arts scene. Having an intimate open space directly adjacent to Eddie V’s and across from the Houston Texans Grille gives the gallery a very diverse and marketable appeal, while providing an ideal transit flowing location within CITYCENTRE.

The gallery’s partners are a collective group of cross marketing brands that look to bring a greater exposure to Houston’s traditional art scene, while capitalizing on the greater expansion of exploration of art. Art that promotes inclusion and not the formal exclusion it traditionally leaves with its participants. Taking advantage of the fact that Houston is known for its energy, BeHuman’s objective is to tap into avenues that will not only expand fashionable trends but entertainment in the general arts. The gallery is dedicated to promoting intelligent, powerful work from diverse disciplines of both emerging and established contemporary artists. We will engage our audience with a unique approach, with attractive buzz events and openings that are tempered just for Houston’s culture.

Overall Goal: The main gallery space will showcases multiple solo or group exhibits a year, while being accompanied by smaller quarterly shows that engage various public accessible spaces around CITYCENTRE in general. An additional responsibility of the gallery is programming content for an additional 10,000 square feet of indoor commercial environments within CITYCENTRE, as well as the plaza.

Marketability: Because BeHuman is located in the prestigious Memorial area of Houston, which houses CITYCENTRE, we are afforded a 37-acre site, which just happens to be also the wealthiest zip code in Texas — 77024. Two million people can access the site within 20 minutes and is viewed by 280,000 cars per day traveling on I-10 and 175,000 cars per day on Beltway 8. A total of 1.8 million SF are in the development with 400,000 SF of upscale retail, restaurants and entertainment, a 149,000 SF urban fitness facility, 425,000 SF of Class A office, 370 multi-family units, 250 urban lofts, 35 brownstones and a 255-room luxury hotel topped by 6 condominiums.

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